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Kamado Care & Maintenance
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Care & Maintenance

Q: Can Grills Kamados tip over when I open the dome?
 Grills Kamados are constructed of high-quality ceramic with the thickest wall design in the industry, so a lot of weight is redistributed when opening the lid. To mitigate the risk of tipping, care must be taken when lifting the dome to install the fire bowl. There is a slight risk of tipping if the interior fire bowl is not installed, as it serves as a counterweight. However, with the fire bowl installed, there is a very low risk of tipping. For this reason, among others, we strongly recommend never removing the fire bowl from your Grills Kamado. The cart with two locking casters also reduces movement and provides superior stability. For ease of lifting, the design team at Grills incorporated two heavy-duty lid springs to deliver the lowest dome lift-weight in the industry.

Q: Do I have to cover my Grills Kamado?
 It is recommended that Grills Kamados be covered when not in use to protect them from the elements and improve lifespan.

IMPORTANT: Wait until your grill is fully cooled before covering to prevent damage to the glaze and cover.

Q: I uncovered my grill and there is a white powder on the exterior. Is this normal?
 While covering your Grills Kamado is recommended, you should allow the grill to fully cool before covering. Covering the grill when still hot/warm (particularly in extreme cold), can cause the ceramic to condensate. This causes the white powder formation on the exterior. If condensation occurs, simply wipe down the entire grill with a damp cloth and allow it to cool fully before covering in the future.

Q: How do I remove old gaskets?
Remove old gaskets with a flat-edged scraper. Clean the rim of the base and lid with acetone (preferred) or rubbing alcohol. If necessary, soak any remaining gasket material with acetone and scrape away. Let dry for at least 30 minutes; the surface must be totally clean for the new gasket to adhere.

NOTE: Do NOT remove the dome lid to remove or replace gaskets.

Q: Should I remove the dome lid when replacing the gaskets?
No. The lid does not need to be removed to replace the gaskets.

Q: How do I apply my new gaskets?
 Start by removing a small section of paper from back of the felt strip to expose the adhesive. Press the gasket firmly down onto the rim removing paper as needed. Bend the gasket around the rim as you press down, being careful not to let the gasket material hang over the inside edge of the rim. Do not stretch the gasket. Trim any excess material. If your gasket should detach, you can glue it back on with any common household adhesive.

Q: Should I take the fire bowl out when cleaning my grill?
No. We strongly recommend against removing the fire bowl to clean it. Due to the size and fragility of the fire bowl, it can be easily dropped and fractured (not covered under warranty). If you are looking for a more thorough clean, keep the fire bowl in the grill and use an ash rake or shop-vac to clean out the ash.

IMPORTANT: it is recommended that all Grills Kamados be fully cooled before covering to prevent damage to the glaze.

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