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Name: China Kitchenware Barrel Ceramic Barbecue Grill
Item No.:
Model: AU-21
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Detailed Note  

 China Kitchenware Barrel Ceramic Barbecue Grill

1. OEM/ODM welcome   2. Competitive Price  3. Factory 

4. Low price high quality   5. Feedback will be reply within 1 hours

Product Description

21  is the most popular Ceramic barbecues size and a favorite to handle the cooking needs of most families and gatherings of friends. 

Introduction of Ceramic barbecues

The Ceramic barbecues can be used for: Smoking; Roasting; ‘Direct’ Grilling; Baking; and of course, for cooking Pizza at searing Pizza Oven temperatures. Your family and friends will love the food that comes off your Ceramic barbecues !   

Advantages of Ceramic barbecues

1). The Ceramic barbecues shells was made of heatproof clay, it is non-toxic, harmless, environmental and fuel saving, and also the fish scale texture

2). High gloss finish, glazed, beautiful apearance Ceramic barbecues 

3). The ceramic shells of Ceramic barbecues can endure more than 1000 degree temperature without cracking.

4). Egg design, the temperature internal of Ceramic barbecues can goes very fast through internal recycle and convection

5). High tightness, the big meat can be well-done easily by Ceramic barbecues 

6). New spring hinges system, a little grill can open the lid with a finger easily

7). Standard feature: ceramic shells, firebox, fire ring, Trolley stand with brake, two assembly bamboo side shelves, a stainless steel cooking grill, Cast Iron adjustable top damper and crate etc

Specification of AU-21 Ceramic barbecues

Cooking area 

21.6 inch / 55 CM

Temperature resistance

300-800 ℃


Heat-Resist Ceramic,Clay

Metal Used

Stainless steel,Cast iron


2.5 CM-3 CM


Any Colors You Want


More detail pictures about Ceramic barbecues 

(1)The removable cast iron top vent of Ceramic barbecues can control the temperature

(2)The exact thermometer of Ceramic barbecues can reflect temperature clearly

(3)The stainless steel cooking grid of Ceramic barbecues can fold and it is durable

(4) Cast iron stand of Ceramic barbecues can be very stable and durable

(5) Stainless steel accessories of Ceramic barbecues

Packaging parameters of Ceramic barbecues 

Packaging details of AU-21 Ceramic barbecues


 86 KG / 99KG


 Wooden case and Carton box

Delivery time

 Week 1-2 for sample,week 5-6 for container

Delivery ways

 By sea,air and express

Carton Package (L*W*H)

 64*63*76 & 55*51*15 CM                

Wooden Package (L*W*H)

 91*71*97 CM

Loading Quantity 

 54PCS/20”FT;108 PCS/40"FT; 162PCS/40"HQ                                                        


Our Services

Best service provided by Ceramic barbecues 

Auplex not only provide good quality Ceramic barbecues to customers but also provide intimate and warm service. 

We take great pride in our work and also in the wide variety of Ceramic barbecues that we offer. We are an experienced group in servicing the US and European market.

Please be aware that our production lead time depends on specific items and item quantities. Our success has been based on our understanding of the demands and nature of promotional and marketing deadlines.

That's why we always ensure that every Ceramic barbecues order is delivered on time.


Company Information

Company introduction of AUPLEX

As a 10+ years old company, we can survive in such a competitive environment, fortune is not enough, the reason is we always put customers on the first place, we always provide best services.

Not only the service,we are a innovative company,we focus on improving our product and make some new attempts to extend our categories,trying to make our product perfect,that's why we are a trustable company.

Auplex has modern factory and advanced production line and well storage condition to make the Ceramic barbecues become unbeatable.

Auplex Ceramic barbecues production line 


 1.How could I get more Ceramic barbecues informations from you?

You could send email allen@auplex.com told us what informations you want.(such as details,prices and so on).

We will reply you in time,then you will know better about our products and service.


2.Why we buy Ceramic barbecues from you?

We are one of the largest and best manufacture of Ceramic barbecues in China,

With12 year's experience in producing equipments.

With special ingredient,Auplex Ceramic barbecues has the best Brilliance surface .

The quality and prices of our machines/materials are superior to others.

We have specialized marketing group and technical team.

We could provide service,advice,help to you.


3.How can I receive your Ceramic barbecues goods?

A.If you order little quantities(below 100KG). You could use DHL,TNT,UPS or other air express company to delivery your goods, delivery time usually 3-7working days,they will send the products you order to your address.

B.If you order large quantities,you could use sea delivery,and you need to go to your nearest seaport to take your goods,delivery time usually 30-40days.


4. How do I adjust the Ceramic barbecues to reach a given temperature and then maintain it?


One important attribute of the Ceramic barbecues its ability to set and accurately maintain a desired temperature. The Ceramic barbecues has a two damper system that facilitates easy heat control. By adjusting both the top and bottom dampers, the heat inside the Ceramic barbecues can attain and hold temperatures ranging from under 200℉ to over 750℉. This range should accommodate any cooking needs - from low-temperature smoking to high-heat searing. The thermometer installed on the ceramic lid will provide accurate internal readings without opening the lid.


A dual function metal top is included with each Ceramic barbecues . The daisy wheel design contains openings that can be adjusted to allow more or less air to "fine tune" the desired cooking temperature. Opening the entire sliding metal top will achieve high temperatures more quickly.


Already installed on the base of each Ceramic barbecues is a stainless steel draft door, which now has a mesh panel for extra safety. (If you have an older Ceramic barbecues without the mesh, you have the option of purchasing a replacement draft door with the mesh.) It is best to keep the mesh panel fully closed to prevent hot ash or coals from popping out. As with the dual function metal top, you can adjust the draft door opening slightly to "fine tune" the cooking temperature or open the solid door fully to reach higher temperatures faster.



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